Your Rug Must Undergo a Certain Process To Be Truly Clean


  1. Dust and Hair Removal
  2. Deep Wet Wash Immersion & Complete Shampoo
  3. Rinse & Water Extraction
  4. Dry, then Brush and Treat Pile
  5. Hand Wash Fringe
  6. Clean and Deodorize
  7. Pet & Other Stain Removal
  8. Color Removal
  9. Organic Cleaning


Maintaining the beauty of your oriental rug is recommended by professional cleaning every 3-5 years. We are expertly trained in the gentle and natural process of rug cleaning. All rug cleaning is hand processed, done in house, using special non-chemical solutions and air dried. Our knowledgeable rug cleaning technicians are well trained in the application of deodorizing, pet stain removal and odors, smoke and flood damage, and minor repair and restoration. Many insurance, restoration and cleaning companies confidently call on us to provide their clients unsurpassed professional rug cleaning services. Thousands of area rug owners also continually rely on our expertise for the lifetime of their cherished floor art. Our cleaning process is guaranteed not to cause any damage, though in rare cases some slight fading may occur due to the material composition.


By applying old world techniques and products afforded by modern technology the results are an absolutely fresh and thoroughly cleaned rug for your home. Similar to the river banks of the weavers, where for centuries rugs were washed in the cold running streams, rugs are hand washed using a cold water process combined with special rug shampoos and conditioners. Harsh chemicals, bleach and steam are never used.


Our rug badger is used on every rug to guarantee a thoroughly clean and fresh, finished product. The amount of dirt that can be extracted from a rug that endured light foot traffic is substantial; our customers are always amazed and very grateful when we demonstrate the excellent cleaning ability of our powerful rug badger machine.


Once the dirt has been extracted, the rug is thoroughly washed with a gentle cleansing agent, and then rinsed until the pour off is as clear as drinking water.


We will pick up and deliver your rug free of charge. Rugs of all sizes can be cleaned with-in 7-10 business days.
Expert oriental rug cleaning. Wool, silk, bamboo silk rug cleaning specialists for over 30 years. Call today for 25% off of rug cleaning services.

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