Traditional Selections


Our traditional collection offers a wide range of rugs, all hand-knotted by select weavers in Turkey, Pakistan, and India. Turkish rug designs reflect ancient patterns mixed with Persian influences. Designs include geometric motifs and less figure shapes. Some of the most decorative Turkish rugs are produced in the region Oushak. Since the 15th century, Oushak has been a major center of rug production.


Pakistan is one of the world’s leading exporters of handmade rugs. These rugs are highly valued for their excellence in craftsmanship, high knotting count and finishing. The most famous designs and quality from Pakistan are Peshawar, Pak Persian, Chobi and Moghals. Wool and Silk vegetable dyed yarns are used in knotting densities from 100 to 300 knots per square inch.


India is the number one country exporting rugs internationally. These rugs offer high quality, using New Zealand, and Ghazani wool for luster and longevity. These rugs are typically a higher pile with beautiful rich colors and designs that enhance the décor and warmth of any room, providing a focal point.